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5 Reasons To Give Morning Workouts A Try

By Ben Smith

Not a morning person? We get it. Those early workouts, especially when you first start, are hard! It’s so much easier to just hit snooze. Or perhaps you have kids you have to get fed and out the door, and you need all the time you can get at home before the day’s craziness ensues.

Perhaps these 5 tips and bits of information will inspire you to at least give an early A.M. workout a try!

1. You’re less likely to skip the workout

Let’s be honest, how many times have you chosen to, or had to, bail on your workout because your day got crazy? Each day when you wake up, you never know what might happen – meetings get thrown on your calendar, kids get sick and need to be picked up from school, and deadlines get escalated.   Plus, the longer your day goes on, the more tired and less motivated you are. So get your workout in before there’s even a chance that you have to push it off to the next day!

2. Improve your daily motivation and mental clarity

There’s scientific evidence that exercise can enhance your mood, reduce anxiety and improve your physical self-perception.  Giving yourself that mood and energy boost first thing in the morning can set your entire day up for success. Some even say that exercise does a better job than coffee at waking up your mind!

3. Jump start your metabolism

Exercising first thing in the morning will give your metabolism an early boost, helping to keep it elevated for most of the day – this is especially important if you end up sitting behind a desk all day.   So take advantage of this extra calorie burn during the day when you’re eating, rather than while you’re sleeping (if you workout at the end of the day).

4. Reduce Stress

Exercise reduces levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.   Exercising any time of day is going to have this affect, but why not take advantage of it first thing in the morning before your daily stress kicks in? : )

5. You may burn more fat

In full disclosure, there’s a lot of conflicting research and opinions on the pros and cons of exercising on an empty stomach. But studies like this one do suggest that you can burn up to 20 percent more body fat by exercising in the morning before your first meal. We would highly suggest not waiting very long after your workout to re-fuel your body, though. So give it a try, but be sure to get a meal in after the workout and before you start your day – this will jump-start your metabolism and keep your appetite in control throughout the day.

The first few morning workouts aren’t always easy. In fact, you may even find that your performance suffers a bit at first, but stick with it and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see a big payoff.

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