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7 Ways to Speed Up Recovery

By Ben Smith

If you exercise regularly, chances are you have been or are sore on a semi regular basis. Fortunately, it is 2018, and there a host of resources available to us now which can greatly aid in the recovery process. A few of these strategies include:

  • Breath Work

Breath work has been around for centuries. Deploying strategies such as the Wim Hof Method aid in transitioning your Autonomic Nervous System from a sympathetic (Fight or flight) state to a parasympathetic (Relaxed ‘digest and rest’) state. That transition also results in the hyper-oxygenation of blood cells and can induce a deep state of relaxation and mental clarity. Also, such positive effects have been well documented in aiding those who suffer from anxiety.

  • Sunlight Exposure

We need the sun, in small doses for optimal vitamin D secretion! Make sure to get roughly 20 minutes of retina exposed sunlight on a daily basis.

  • Walking

Getting 10,000 steps in on a daily basis has never been more important (Given that we rarely walk anymore and are constantly sitting at a desk). Head over to this article at the Mayo Clinic about why walking is such a powerful and under-utilized healing tool.

  • Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna’s are one of the most powerful tools to supplement your recovery process and promote longevity. IR Sauna’s reduce inflammation when used post workout, Activate HSP’s (Heat Shock Proteins) which help combat against degenerative brain diseases, detoxify one of your major organs (skin) through sweat glands (skin) and a host of other benefits we will talk about in an upcoming article! A great resource is a study published by Dr. Rhonda Patrick on the matter.

  • Cold Immersion

Cold water immersion, or hydrotherapy, is one of the oldest methods used to recover as it stimulates blood flow to vital organs and helps promote circulation. We recommend starting with a 30 second cold splash at the end of your morning shower and progressing in duration by 30 seconds every week as your body becomes more accustomed to the cold. Pairing cold water immersion with the breathing exercises we mentioned above makes for a particularly deadly recovery combination and is a great alternative to coffee for wakefulness!

  • Compression Therapy

Compression therapy, through use of technology such as the NormaTec compression sleeves, aids users in increasing circulation. Such an increase in circulation is massively efficacious if you are experiencing soreness of any sort.

  • Body-work

Regular massage and/or “body work” is a great way to help increase blood flow to areas that don’t always receive adequate circulation and nutrients. Perhaps most importantly, body work allows you to aggressively target problem areas and eradicate joint and muscle tightness to ensure you are performing at the highest level.

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