April Member of the Month

By Ben Smith

It’s that time again! Meet our Member of the Month, David Sumate. David has been with Top Tier since we opened, and seems that Coach Mike’s intro class left David wanting to come back for more. Read below to learn more about David.

1. When did you start doing CrossFit? My first CrossFit workout was when Top Tier first opened. (Coach Mike) Priest taught my intro class and it was a great, intense workout!

2. How long have you been with Top Tier? Since they opened in 2014.

3. What do you like most about Top Tier? The coaches are easily the best part of Top Tier – everyone is extremely welcoming and passionate about the sport and the success of the members no matter your skill level.

4. What changes have you noticed with yourself since you started doing CrossFit? My overall fitness has improved and my mentality toward exercise has totally changed. There was a time I thought of working out as a chore, now it is something I look forward to each day.  The ability to establish specific goals through so many varied movements and workouts keeps me focused throughout the year.

5. What would you suggest to anyone who is looking to try Top Tier? Make a commitment to the program. Fitness should be a part of your routine and Top Tier is a great way to stick to it, because the workouts are created for you. Just make sure you show up on a consistent enough basis to achieve your goals.

6. What’s your “favorite” exercise? Going with Wall Balls.


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