February Member of the Month

By Ben Smith

Meet our latest Member of the Month, Braxton DeCamp! Braxton is a regular and a big fan of Top Tier. Read below to find out a bit more about what he likes most about coming to our box:

1. When did you start doing CrossFit? I started a light version of CrossFit my junior year of high school as off-season training with my lacrosse coach, but did not fully get into CrossFit until the summer following my sophomore year of college.

2. How long have you been with Top Tier? I have been at Top Tier since by sophomore spring semester, just over two years.

3. What do you like most about Top Tier? First and foremost, the community at Top Tier is amazing and makes coming in each day full of competition and fun. The facilities are second to none which makes every workout easy to set up without stress. Lastly, the programming and coaching is always well done and with the members fitness goals in mind.

4. What changes have you noticed with yourself since you started doing CrossFit? I grew up in a very endurance sports focused family and after starting CrossFit, I have found that there is more to exercise than just running or biking. I can get stronger, bigger and learn cool skills, like muscle-ups, all while having fun in the gym.

5. What would you suggest to anyone who is looking to try Top Tier? Come in and try it out for at least three classes. First one will be hard, the second you will know it’s another hard workout, and by the third you’ll be excited to take down another workout and get even better.

6. What’s your “favorite” exercise? I have two of them, power cleans and handstand push-ups.

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