March Member of the Month

By Ben Smith

We are excited to announce Pam Cash, our March member of the month. Get to know Pam a bit better, and why she sticks with CrossFit.

1. When did you start doing CrossFit? My husband, Chris, and I have been cross fitting for a little over eight years. There was a year when I was unable to CrossFit…it felt like an eternity!

2. How long have you been with Top Tier? I’ve been at Top Tier since October 2016.

3. What do you like most about Top Tier? Great coaches, great members and great location.  I enjoy meeting people that I would otherwise not cross paths with!

4. What changes have you noticed with yourself since you started doing CrossFit? Prior to CrossFit, I only exercised sporadically. This has been the only thing that I have really enjoyed doing and I see the benefits of a strong core in everyday life.

5. What would you suggest to anyone who is looking to try Top Tier? No matter your fitness level, jump on in – it’s never too late and it’s easy to scale.

6. What’s your “favorite” exercise? I enjoy the WODs that incorporate thrusters, clean and jerks or other forms of lifting, as part of the workout.

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