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Top Tier Featured On Local News

By Top Tier CrossFit

Winston-Salem’s Top Tier Fitness help others fight to become physically, mentally stronger


It’s February and many people are trying to stick on to the resolution of working out in the New Year.

Chief meteorologist Lanie Pope has been checking out some new workout routines with the help of the WXII 12 newsroom staff.

WXII’s 5 p.m. producer, Caroline Strange, does CrossFit at Top Tier Fitness at 610 N. Liberty St. in downtown Winston-Salem, which offers a high-intensity and at times, competitive workout.

After a workout, Lanie said she found it challenging, but also discovered a tight-knit, supportive group and a grad student named Fadi Marayati.

Both Fadi and Caroline said CrossFit has changed their lives.

Caroline now talks about squats, deadlifts and pullups in the newsroom, even throwing huge tires.

“To tell you the truth, I’m a little intimidated,” Lanie said before entering the gym.

When walking through the door at Top Tier Fitness, you’ll find the assault bike and an assortment of weights, barbells and pullup bars.

“If you had told me two years ago that I could walk on my hands or that I could do eight pullups in a row, I wouldn’t believe you,” Caroline said.

Doing CrossFit has helped Caroline reach her goal weight, and now she is stronger physically and mentally.

The same is true for Fadi, who is a Wake Forest University grad student and scientist who works in genetics and molecular biology.

Through CrossFit, Fadi’s body makeup has changed remarkably after he lost 60 pounds in just six weeks.

“It’s not about the weight,” Fadi said. “It’s just that I started feeling a lot better. I could carry groceries to the third floor and not feel tired.”

The CrossFit workout is done in intervals in a group setting but at your own pace.

The workout changes every time you walk in the door, so you never do the same workout.

Coaches are available to help you get what you want out of your workout and help gymgoers make exercise modifications to suit fitness levels and goals.

“You’ll see people in the class who look at CrossFit as a competitive fitness, you’ll see people who come in here and just really wanna move, breathe, and get a good sweat for an hour, and you’ll see people here who are just trying to maintain a high-functioning life as they age,” coach Ben Bizzell said.

Lanie said she was out of her element at the gym, but that isn’t a bad thing.

“If we really look at where growth occurs, it’s outside the edge of our comfort zone,” Bizzell said.

Fadi has taken his workouts beyond Top Tier. He’s now competing in CrossFit along with Caroline who surprised herself when she won.

“It’s that threshold of pain that you keep pushing every time,” Fadi said. “That intensity is really what makes me wanna work out even harder.”

When Caroline first started, she had no added weight on her bar. Now she can put 155 pounds on it.

“Coming in (and) throwing around some weight or whatever it is and meeting some really great people down here has helped me to feel very connected in Winston,” Caroline said.

Both told Lanie that the relationships keep them coming back every day.

“Like, when you walk in here, I’m gonna know your name, I’m gonna know what you do, I’m gonna know things about your life that impact your physical fitness,” Ben said.

Fadi and Lanie talked a lot about quality of life and how you feel when you exercise regularly.

Exercise isn’t something that you always have to do at a gym, too.

Activities can be done around the home, like walking up and down the stairs with the possible added weight of a backpack, or on the normal walk to the mailbox, maybe try broad jumps instead.

“Doing the workout adds a lot of energy to my day,” Fadi said. “Thinking about the workout before I come in, doing the workout during class and then thinking about the progress that I’ve made after I leave class, all of that is just part of a lot of energy that just adds to your life.”

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