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Why YOU Should Be Practicing Yoga

By Ben Smith

If you have seen pictures or videos of people practicing yoga on social media, you will likely have drawn the conclusion that you are “not flexible enough for yoga,”. This is a common misconception, as putting your legs behind your head is not an accurate depiction of what a yoga practice has to look like, and more importantly what it can do for you.

These days, yoga is becoming more popular and has even become an integral part of many professional athlete’s recovery regimens. Through regular yoga practice, you will achieve greater flexibility, but also peace of mind and improved athletic performance. Read on to learn 3 of the ways yoga can help you.

Prevent Injury

Injury prevention is one of the chief benefits of participating in a consistent yoga practice. Injuries can greatly hamper your ability to participate in the physical activities you enjoy for days, week, or even months! Yoga strengthens and lengthens your muscle in a gentle and restorative manner, promoting longevity and effectively bulletproofing your body for the worst possible scenario.

Reduce Aches and Pains

An exercise program that includes both resistance training and yoga will promote a reduction in the typical aches and pains, as you are priming your body to be more resilient. Stiffness, muscle tightness, and soreness can all be mitigated through yoga.

Improve Your Focus

Perhaps the most important advantage yoga can award its practitioners is improved focus, both on and off of the mat. Whether you are working towards meeting a physical goal or training for a specific event, mental focus is typically half the battle. Yoga brings awareness and focus into your training, as a typical vinyasa class is 60-75 minutes of non-stop work. This hyper focused approach manifests itself in the other areas of your life.

Promote Relaxation

Yoga is known for its relaxing tendencies. One of the of the most underrated benefits of practicing yoga comes in its distinct ability to assist in the balancing of hormones through stress reduction.

– Hannah Suttle (Guest Blog Contributor)

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